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Our Services

At Elite Property Management, we don’t pick and choose the property management services we provide. Also, we are not bogged down in property sales, worrying more about sales targets than looking after the investments of our clients.

Instead, we offer a full range of property management services to landlords. Plus, property management is all we do, and most of our services are included in our flat-rate monthly fee.

Rental Appraisal

We’ll conduct a rental appraisal and will then advise you on the current rental value of your property.


We’ll advertise your property on our rental lists and in our office as well as on signage at the property. We’ll also advertise the listing in the local press, on property portal websites, and on our own website.

Property Viewings

We will show prospective tenants around your property. This can be with or without you being present. We’ll handle all the planning of property viewings too, including coordinating with the existing tenant.

Tenant Vetting

Prospective tenants must complete an application and provide references. We will check the references and carry out other checks. We’ll then provide you with information and advice to help with the final decision.

Tenancy Agreement

We’ll create tenancy agreements for your properties that comply with current legislation and include everything necessary to protect your interests and your investment. This includes adding any special conditions.

Bond Lodgement

We will collect a bond from the new tenant and will lodge it with the Tenancy Services Bond Centre.

Property Condition Report

Our service includes providing a report to tenants when they move in based on an inspection. The report will include photographs and a description of the property, detailing the condition.

Rent Collection

We sent up automatic payments to minimise issues with rent collection. We also have a system that enables us to immediately identify when a tenant goes into arrears so the situation can be dealt with quickly.

Ongoing Property Inspections

All property inspections are conducted by our team. We’ll then provide you with a report that will include any issues that require your attention. We’ll also deal with anything identified as the tenant’s responsibility. This includes conducting a follow-up inspection to ensure the issue has been properly resolved.

We’ll also conduct final inspections when tenants move out before releasing bonds.


This includes looking after all emergency and routine maintenance. Everything from electrical and plumbing issues to cleaning and garden maintenance – we look after it all with a selected team of trusted tradespeople.


Our experienced senior team will look after mediation situations that arise as well as issues that go to the Tenancy Tribunal, acting on your behalf, including if an eviction process is required.


You will receive monthly reports showing rents collected and payments made to your bank account.

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