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Elite Property Management offers a comprehensive management solution to all homeowners and property investors. Below is an overview of the services provided. Most services are included in our competitive monthly fee. Please contact us for a break down of all charges.

Services Overview:

Rental Appraisal

We will visit your property and advise on current market rental value. The actual rent will be set with your full agreement.


This takes various forms including our rental list available at the office, local press, signage, the internet and here on our website.

Property Viewings

These can be arranged either with or without you present. Often viewings need to be coordinated with existing tenants. No problem.

Tenant Screening and Selection

This is such an important part of the process. Prospective tenants are required to complete an application and provide appropriate references. All the required checks are carried out to ensure you have the right kind of tenants in your property. Once this process is complete we can compile the Tenancy Agreement.

Compiling the Tenancy Agreement

Full tenancy agreements are drawn up including any special conditions specific to your property.

Bond Lodgement

We complete the bond lodgement form, collect a minimum of three weeks rent as bond on each property and lodge it with the Tenancy Services Bond Centre as required by law.

Property Condition Report

A full report is compiled prior to tenants moving in. This includes a full complement of photographs as well as a detailed written report, which records the actual condition of a property at the commencement of a tenancy. The tenants are required to sign this report.

Rent Collection and Monitoring

All agreements are set up with automatic rent payments to ourselves. Our Property Management software enables us to record rent collection on a daily basis and therefore be aware of any rent arrears should they occur. If a rent payment fails to arrive, the tenant is contacted and a ten day breach letter issued.

Property Inspections

Regular property inspections are carried out at agreed intervals. Following a routine inspection you are issued with a report of the up to date condition of the property and any maintenance issues that require attention. If there are any issues the tenant needs to address they are informed of these in writing. The property will be reinspected to ensure the necessary action has been taken.

Emergency and Regular Maintenance

We will deal with all maintenance issues on your behalf. Regular maintenance can include plumbing, electrical work, cleaning, lawn mowing etc. This is generally done with your permission but in the event of an emergency the issue will be dealt with immediately to avoid any unnecessary damage to your property. When a tenant vacates a property a final inspection is carried out prior to the release of the bond.

Tenant Disputes and Mediation

Unfortunately from time to time disputes with tenants do occur. These disputes can result in mediation or an application to the Tenancy Tribunal. This is another area that we can look after on your behalf. If an eviction is necessary we will deal with this too.

Financial Statements

Each month a statement of all activity on your account is issued showing all rents collected and any payments made on your behalf. This statement is sent out at the same time as your month end payment.